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AudioKin brings literature to life by producing the highest quality audiobooks for the worldwide listening market.


Elevating Stories Through World-Class Narration

Specialising in the creation of audiobooks, our experienced in-house team of narrators and engineers transform texts into full audiobooks, ready for distribution on your platform of choice.

With expertise across both fiction and non-fiction titles, we entertain and inform through the spoken word, and produce exceptional, industry-standard products. Discover the advantages of audio today with AudioKin.

Our Services

The Rough Cut

Rough Cut Samples

Designed for authors honing their manuscripts, the Rough Cut offers the opportunity to hear your words spoken out loud by a professional narrator.


Much like a Table Read operates in film and theatre, the Rough Cut allows authors to identify areas of the manuscript that may require additional work, and can have a profound impact on the direction and overall feeling of the piece.


Our skilled and experienced team will give a sight reading of an excerpt of your manuscript, as well as providing notes on flow, pacing, ease of reading, structure, word usage and placement.


This unique audio product provides the opportunity to see your manuscript anew, approach it in a different way, and understand its strengths and potential weaknesses from a listener’s perspective.


The Rough Cut harnesses the power of audio as a writing development tool.


What People Say

Actually hearing my work out loud by a professional was a revelation and enormously useful. I was able to tell if the narrative worked and how strong the dialogue was.
Hearing actual “voices” for my characters brought the work to life in a way I had not imagined  – it’s a brilliant way of holding your work up to the light seeing if it really stands up to scrutiny. It’s something I’d highly recommend.
Featherfall Rough Cut Sample

Jerry Ibbotson

For the Rough Cut of his new novel Featherfall

Rough Cut Pricing


£14.99 per 1,000 words after 8,000 words

*You must have proof of enrolment/acceptance of a place for the Creative Writing Programme Special Rate

To enquire about a bespoke package, such as a full-manuscript read, get in touch through our contact form and a member of the team will be in contact to discuss our available options.

To speak to a member of the AudioKin team about our Rough Cut packages, or to explore how we can build something tailored to your needs, get in touch.

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